Fuji mountain climbing information

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Access to Mt.Fuji "Susashiguchi"

There is the “Fuji Tozan Road Subway Exit” approximately 20 minutes by car from the road station Subashiri via the “Fuji Azami Line”.
During the mountain climbing period (from the beginning of July to the beginning of September), car regulations will be applied.

* There are people who mistakenly visit the parking lot during the private car regulation period as `` Michi-no-Eki Subashiri '', but please be aware that the parking lot where shuttle buses arrive and depart is the `` Sudashi Multipurpose Plaza '' .

During periods other than car restrictions, you can go to the Subashiri Exit 5th parking lot with your own car, but it is closed in winter.
For details, please check Shizuoka Prefecture information.

Fuji Azami Line

Fuji car regulations (Shizuoka Prefecture)

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